The Benefits Of The Walmart Family Mobile Auto Pay Feature

It’s easier than you think to stay on top of your mobile service plan.

When you and your family lead a busy life, it can be tough to keep up. Fortunately, Walmart Family Mobile works to make your mobile phone experience more convenient. That’s why we offer Auto Pay, a system that automatically renews your mobile service, so you don’t have to. Not sure if Auto Pay is right for you? Let’s explore the many features Auto Pay has to offer.

Quick answer: For your convenience, Auto Pay automatically pays your phone bill, sends payment alerts, updates automatically, and can be cancelled without penalties.

Father checks on his phone while wife and daughter play in the background.

You’ll never forget

With schedules to juggle, places to be, and errands to run, it’s easy to forget to renew your service plan. Auto Pay helps keep this from happening. After you enter your credit card information, Walmart Family Mobile will store it safely. Then, we’ll automatically process the payment when it’s time to renew your service. That means the whole family can sit back and enjoy a fresh batch of data, and you won’t have to worry about entering the information yourself.

Helpful alerts

Even if you’ve already set up Auto Pay, it’s nice to know when your payments are about to hit. Walmart Family Mobile sends alerts before and after each payment, so you always know exactly when your credit card will be charged.

Cancellation is easy

You’ll never have to worry about unexpected fees or penalties.

Need to cancel your automatic payment? We make cancellation quick and easy for your convenience, no matter the reason. Just let us know that you’re ready to cancel, and we’ll make it happen. Plus, thanks to our no-contract service plans, you’ll never have to worry about unexpected fees or penalties.

Automatic updates

If you’d like to change your service level, just make the change as you normally would. Auto Pay will automatically update to ensure we’re charging you the correct amount from that point forward, taking any Multiline and Financial Assistance discounts into account. Auto Pay will also automatically update when a line is added or removed from your family plan.

Activate Auto Pay

Designed with you in mind, Walmart Family Mobile offers Walmart’s best value in unlimited wireless, with plans starting at just $24.88, no contract or activation fees, and nonstop nationwide 4G LTE coverage. Explore our service plans to get started, and then shop our collection of smartphones for the whole family. Make sure to sign up for AutoPay at