What Are The Best Phones for Kids?

Mother and daughter taking a selfie at home.Comparing brands, prices, and features that fit your family’s needs.

There are a lot of different cell phones out there, but your child only needs one. It can be hard trying to decide which one is best, so Walmart Family Mobile is here to break it down for you. We make wireless easier and help you save money, so that you and your family can communicate better. Here’s a look at some of the most popular WFM phones for kids.

Best brands for kids

When it comes to a kid’s first cell phone, most parents like to look for low-cost options. After all, a child is more likely to lose or damage the phone than you might be. For example, they might forget it on the school bus or accidentally drop it on the playground and break it. If that’s a big priority for you, stick with brands such as LG, Motorola, and Alcatel because they tend to have a lower price point than Apple or Samsung devices.

Honing in on the features

Smartphones can grow with your child over the years and easily adapt to his or her changing needs.

If this phone is just for emergencies, a basic flip phone like the Alcatel MyFlip would be a great option. If it’s going to be used for texting, calling, web browsing, and playing games, a basic smartphone, such as the LG Premier Pro, is the way to go.

But what if your kid wants an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy? Though more expensive, these phones are still good choices, too, especially for older kids. You can always go with an older model like the iPhone 7 to help save on costs, which comes in three great colors for your child to choose from and has a lot of the same fundamental features as newer models.

Either way, your kid is bound to be happy with any smartphone. Most smartphones come with parental controls, so you can be happy, too. Kids just want to be able to download their favorite apps, connect with friends, and play fun games. Plus, smartphones can grow with your child over the years and easily adapt to his or her changing needs.

Shop for phones online today

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you’re comfortable spending and how mature your child is. Browse the entire selection of Walmart Family Mobile phones now to see everything that’s available before making your final decision. You can also find service plans online, too, to get the phone set up and ready to go. No matter what phone you select, Walmart Family Mobile’s non-stop nationwide 4G LTE† coverage powered by T-Mobile will help the whole family stay connected.

†To get 4G LTE speed, you must have a 4G LTE capable device and 4G LTE SIM Card. LTE is a trademark of ETSI. Actual availability, coverage and speed may vary. During periods of congestion, Walmart Family Mobile customers may notice reduced speeds versus carrier branded customers.