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Phone with cracked screen on the ground

Cell Phone Repair 101

In case your phone gets damaged, here are some helpful repair tips everyone should know.

A damaged phone is a serious problem. Now you have to pay for expensive repairs on top of not being able to use it. But depending on the type and severity of...

Folder of Social Media apps

Social Media Apps: Which Ones Should You Try?

See which popular social media apps can enrich your life the most.

Social media is everywhere – so much so that it’s hard to avoid. For someone who wants to join for the first time, it can seem intimidating. But if millions of people can use ...

Woman using phone in living room

Make Your Home A Smart Home With These Smart Home Apps

Manage the lighting, temperature, security system, and more in your home right from an app on your compatible smartphone.

Your home is smarter than ever before – and so is your smartphone. When the two are connected, home management becomes as ...

Family sitting on a couch using a smartphone

Make The Most Of Your Mobile Phone With These 3 New Apps For Busy Families

Even when things get hectic, these new apps can help you finish any day on a high note.

When you're part of a busy family, your smartphone and service plan can be supportive partners in getting more done. You probably have several tried and true ...

Christmas tree with family in the background

Easy Ways To Share Photos During The Holiday Season

The holiday season is a prime time to snap family photos with your smartphone. Here are the best ways to share them.

The holiday season brings loved ones from far and wide together under one roof, which makes it a popular time to capture photos y...

Family taking a selfie in the kitchen

How To Keep In Touch With The Whole Family This Holiday Season

Planning an unforgettable holiday celebration? Bring the whole family together with these group text features and apps.

Quick answer: The best ways to send group texts include native messaging apps, Google Hangouts, and GroupMe.

Things might get...

A family gathers around a holiday table.

Plan A Delicious Holiday Dinner with These Must-Have Cooking Apps

The holiday season is just around the corner, and these apps can help make it one to remember.

Quick answer: Make your holiday season simple with recipe apps for your smartphone, like Allrecipes Dinner Spinner, Food Network In the Kitchen, and Co...