The Surprising Truth Behind Prepaid Wireless Service

Learn how Walmart Family Mobile’s unlimited plans offer you the best value in wireless.

Quick answer: Compared to other prepaid services, Walmart Family Mobile offers you the best value in wireless with savings, unlimited plans, and nonstop coverage. Our Bring Your Own Phone plan also makes it easy to switch.

When you’re shopping around for mobile service plans, you’re likely to come across a lot of information, making it all the more difficult to decide which plan is best for you. Walmart Family Mobile, however, is proud to offer a number of benefits that help set us apart from the crowd. Plus, no matter which plan you choose, we offer nonstop nationwide 4G LTE coverage powered by T-Mobile.

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Bump up your data

Add additional line to your Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Talk, Text & Data plan and save for the whole family.

Stuck with a low-data plan? Step up your data game with Walmart Family Mobile’s no-contract Talk, Text & Data service plans. For a mere $39.88, you’ll enjoy 9GB of high-speed data, then 2G* to help keep your browsing as smooth as can be. And the icing on the cake? There are plenty of ways to save for the whole family. Add additional lines for only $24.88 per month each for even more savings.

In the same vein, Cricket’s $40 basic plan offers just 3GB of high-speed data, making Walmart Family Mobile a surefire winner for the Internet enthusiast.

Buying on a budget

If you’re trying to trim down your monthly budget, Walmart Family Mobile is here for you. Bargain shoppers who aren’t quite up to the $39.88 price tag of our mid-tier Unlimited Talk, Text & 9GB high-speed Data plan can just as easily drop down to our $29.88 Unlimited Talk, Text & Data alternative. Offering 3GB of high-speed data access, then 2G* – more than enough for the casual social media browser – the plan costs the same as basic Cricket or metroPCS plans, which deliver only a single GB of high speed data.

And remember – if you already have a phone you’re fond of, there’s no need to buy another thanks to our Bring Your Own Phone program. That’s even more money that stays in your pocket.

Plans made for you

Whether you’re a constant communicator who’s always uploading pictures of your family or a casual texter who only needs data to check up on the latest headlines from time to time, Walmart Family Mobile has a plan for you. To get started, browse our array of service plan options, purchase your new Walmart Family Mobile phone or contact us to learn more.

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