How To Keep The Whole Family Connected On A Budget

Manage your mobile service plan without breaking the bank.

Shopping for a family-friendly mobile plan isn’t always easy. With so many options, how can you be sure that you’re choosing the one that’s best for your family? Keep reading, and we’ll tell you how.

Quick answer: Families looking to keep their mobile service budget low should search for discounted family plans, minimize data usage, and choose no-contract service.

Girl in cafe on smartphone

A family affair

An important first step when you’re searching for a family mobile service is to make certain that your mobile provider offers family discounts. For example, Walmart Family Mobile lets you pick your plan and then add up to 4 lines of equal or lesser value for $24.88 each. This makes it much easier to get the data you need without spending too much.

Use data wisely

Reducing your data usage each month can help reduce the cost of your mobile service. The easiest way to reduce data use is by using Wi-Fi connections, whether you’re at home or in town. Another helpful strategy is to download digital media, including movies and music, before disconnecting from Wi-Fi. This lets you and your family enjoy multimedia without the high data cost of streaming. Last, but not least, visit your app settings and restrict background data use. Many apps run behind the scenes, even when you’re not using them, and preventing that activity can work wonders for your data numbers.

Go no-contract

No-contract service affords your family the freedom of choice.

Contract mobile phone service is often known for high costs, strict terms, and mystery fees. No-contract service, on the other hand, offers your family the freedom of choice. These carriers make it simple to save by letting you choose between several plans each time you renew. For example, if you begin with a higher level of service, you can choose a lower-priced plan the next month if you’ve realized that you don’t need that much data or would like to keep costs low.

Made for families

Walmart Family Mobile offers Walmart’s best value in unlimited wireless, with plans starting at just $24.88 a month, no contract or activation fees, and nonstop nationwide 4G LTE† coverage on T-Mobile’s nationwide network. Start saving today with affordable smartphones for the whole squad, and then explore our affordable monthly service plans to see the Walmart Family Mobile difference.