Social Media Apps: Which Ones Should You Try?

See which popular social media apps can enrich your life the most.

Social media is everywhere – so much so that it’s hard to avoid. For someone who wants to join for the first time, it can seem intimidating. But if millions of people can use social media apps every single day, then so can you. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s an overview of the top three most popular social media apps with tips on how to use them.

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Facebook is the best app for keeping up with family and friends. Want to know what your cousins are up to on their vacation? Hoping to check in with old friends you haven’t talked to recently? Not only can you see what others are doing, but you can share your own updates and photos, too.

To start using Facebook, first download the free app to your smartphone via the App Store or Google Play. After signing up, take a few minutes to personalize your account with a profile photo or your birthday, for example, so that your friends know who you are. As you start connecting with people on Facebook, you can “like” and comment on their posts or chat with them in Facebook Messenger.


Twitter allows you to find information about news stories in real-time.

While Twitter can also be used to connect with friends and family members, it’s perhaps best suited for keeping up with news. For example, you can see which topics are trending in the world by clicking on the search icon within the app. If there’s a big news story, you’ll be able to find information about it in real-time, as well as commentary from the individuals you follow. In addition, Twitter is also great for following celebrities, sports teams, and businesses you like. You can even see what people are saying about your favorite topics and add your own voice to the conversation.

To use Twitter, first download it from the App Store or Google Play and search for the accounts you want to follow. If you see a Tweet you like, you can hit the “heart” button, Tweet back a comment in reply or retweet it, i.e. share it from your own account.


If you love taking photos and videos, Instagram is the social network for you. You can upload pictures straight from your phone and use unique filters to enhance the way they look. The app also allows you to add a caption to your photos along with hashtags, like #WalmartFamilyMobile, to make it easier for others to see your posts. Some users only follow their friends and family, but others like to follow businesses and celebrities, too. Download Instagram for free from the App Store or Google Play to get started.

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