How To Use A Smartphone App To Sell Your Old Stuff

If you’re planning to sell items you no longer want, your smartphone can make the process easier.

Not long ago, in order to get cash for your used stuff, you had to either wait for items to accumulate and throw a garage sale, drop them off at a consignment shop, or place an ad in your local newspaper. Thankfully, those days are gone, and you can now get rid of your family’s used household items and clothing in just a matter of minutes – by using a smartphone app. Read on to learn how you can list your stuff right from your smartphone.

Quick answer: Smartphone apps like letgo and eBay make it easy to sell any items you no longer want. To ensure you get top dollar for your items, take an appealing picture of the item and price it appropriately.

Man and woman looking at smartphone while packing boxes

Apps that help you de-clutter

Apps like letgo, Facebook Buy and Sell Groups, and eBay make it easy to sell your used things.

Cleaning out your garage of old tools? Need to find a new home for your used TV? Preparing your kids’ closets for back-to-school clothing? There’s an app for that. From letgo to Facebook Buy and Sell Groups to eBay, apps for selling stuff make it easy to find a loving home for your used things:

  • letgo is a free, person-to-person mobile classifieds app that lets you buy from, sell to, and chat with local users.
  • Your local community might already have a Facebook Buy and Sell Group, which allows you to search for and list items to your neighbors through the social networking app.
  • You’ve probably heard of eBay, the multinational ecommerce giant that allows you to buy and sell through its website. You can also download the eBay app for a more efficient selling process.
How to get top dollar for your items

Your smartphone has a great camera, so why not use it to your advantage? When selling your items, it’s important to snap photos that make everything look appealing to buyers. Let’s say you’re getting rid of a couch. Dress it up with some throw pillows, let in lots of natural light, and take a photo at an attractive angle. Then, provide a few more shots from the side, back, or close up to maximize transparency.

When you put a price on your item, remember to value it appropriately. Look at other listings and see what price points people are selling similar items at. Remember, just because someone is listing their item at a high price doesn’t mean they’ll actually get it. If you’re selling antique or valuable items, you may want to get them appraised to ensure you won’t be undercut. Because buyers like a good bargain and may try to haggle, it can be helpful to list your item for just a little more than it’s worth.

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