Need To Unplug? Here's How To Moderate Screen Time

Balance connectivity and downtime for healthier phone use.

Our smartphones are convenient tools in our everyday lives. However, it’s wise to take a break from them now and then to put the focus on work, family, and other interests. Walmart Family Mobile can help you monitor your phone usage and develop healthy smartphone habits that work for you.

Woman using smartphone

Be aware of your usage

Many of us often aren’t aware of how much we tend to look at our phones. Whether it’s in line at the grocery store or around the dinner table, take note of where and when you’re using your phone. Being conscious of this behavior will help you decide if you need more time without a device in your hands. If your smartphone offers built-in screen tracking, this can give you a better idea of your true usage habits.

Determine what’s necessary

How often do you need to check your email or social media?

How much time do you actually need to spend on your screen? After thinking about when and where you use your phone, consider why you use it and how important these tasks are. How often do you need to check your email or social media? Do you use your phone during moments of boredom? When you determine what phone time is valuable to you and what time you can do without, it will be easier to set restrictions.

Choose sensible limits

If your phone use is getting out of hand, it's time to set reasonable limits. To start, place your phone away from your bed while it charges at night. This discourages screen time before going to sleep, helping you unplug and get better rest. Next, make an effort to only reach for your phone when it's needed. If you're simply bored or distracted, take note and refocus.

Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed by the need to use your phone. If that's the case, plan set times during the day that are dedicated to screen time. App restrictions and other screen-limiting features on your smartphone can assist you in finding the right balance.

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