Make The Most Of Your Mobile Phone With These 3 New Apps For Busy Families

Even when things get hectic, these new apps can help you finish any day on a high note.

When you're part of a busy family, your smartphone and service plan can be supportive partners in getting more done. You probably have several tried and true favorites, but with so many great new apps coming out every day, odds are you've overlooked a few. Check out our favorite recent apps designed to make life easier for families on the move.

Family sitting on a couch using a smartphone

Walmart Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping takes time, and time’s a valuable resource that you don’t always have. That’s why Walmart created the Walmart Grocery Shopping app. It’s designed to help you get the Walmart groceries you rely on in a fraction of the time it takes to walk around the store on your own.

To use Walmart Grocery Shopping, download the app on the App Store or Google Play and check availability. Once you’ve confirmed it can be used in your area, register, choose your pickup or delivery time, and add everything you need to your basket in the app. Finish things off by picking up your groceries when it’s convenient for you. It’s everything you love about Walmart shopping made even easier.

Walmart – Shopping and Saving

If you plan on doing some shopping at a Walmart, then the Walmart – Shopping and Saving app is a must download. After downloading the app on either the App Store or Google Play you can use it to see a map of the store as you shop to easily find which aisle the item you’re looking for is located. You can even use your phone to pay at the store quickly and safely with Walmart Pay.

CURAGO Family Calendar

While CURAGO launched a beta version in 2017, the new and improved app offers a host of scheduling features for families of all sizes. The intuitive home screen provides an overview of upcoming events, as well as local weather that might impact a soccer game or family picnic. It's simple to create events and attach notes, shopping lists, and photos, as well as apply unique themes. CURAGO Family Calendar's most helpful feature, however, is flexible sharing. Events can be shared not just with immediate family members, but also other relatives, friends, babysitters, and more via email or SMS. Check out CURAGO Family Calendar on the App Store and Google Play.


Tap was developed to help you find free water while you’re out and about.

Family vacations are fun for all, but when you’re struggling to keep everyone hydrated, things can become a bit more stressful. That’s where Tap enters the picture. The app was developed to help you find free water while you’re out and about, so it’s easy to quench your thirst without purchasing expensive bottles of water – and those bottles ending up in the trash. Tap is still growing, but it currently offers more than 35,000 Refill Stations in 7,300 cities around the world, from Los Angeles to London and beyond. Find it on the App Store and Google Play.

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