How To Keep In Touch With The Whole Family This Holiday Season

Planning an unforgettable holiday celebration? Bring the whole family together with these group text features and apps.

Quick answer: The best ways to send group texts include native messaging apps, Google Hangouts, and GroupMe.

Things might get hectic during the holiday season, which can make organizing family events tough. Fortunately, today’s smartphone features offer plenty of ways to make sure everyone’s in on the fun. Let’s explore a few of the easiest ways to start a family-wide group chat.

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Native phone features

Most of today’s smartphones allow group texts via the text messaging app that comes preloaded on your device. This means that starting a group chat can be as simple as picking your contacts, typing your message, and tapping send. This will keep you from having to download a separate app that uses up valuable memory. Just remember that typical texting apps don’t always offer the wide selection of features offered by apps specifically designed for group texting.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts lets you start group voice and video calls with other Hangouts users.

Hangouts is simple and reliable. It’s also jam-packed with convenient features. You can start group chats with phone contacts or other Hangouts users, and the app can even be used on the computer. This is helpful for family members who may not have smartphones.

The app also lets you start group voice and video calls with other Hangouts users. This is possible with Apple’s native FaceTime, but the odds that every member of your family owns an iPhone are slim. Hangouts is available on both Google Play and the App Store.


GroupMe is another popular choice for group texting. It’s free to download and easy to use thanks to a crisp, clean interface. The app accommodates large groups, making it a great choice for events incorporating immediate family and distant relatives alike. Exclusive emoji lend GroupMe a uniquely exciting touch, while a helpful calendar feature ensures everyone will know exactly when the holiday excitement begins.

Family-friendly mobile

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