Cell Phone Repair 101

In case your phone gets damaged, here are some helpful repair tips everyone should know.

A damaged phone is a serious problem. Now you have to pay for expensive repairs on top of not being able to use it. But depending on the type and severity of the damage, you might be able to fix it at home and save yourself some cash. Follow these tips to get your Walmart Family Mobile phone working as good as new.

Phone with cracked screen on the ground

Cracked screen

You’ll need a replacement screen and a good cell phone repair kit.

One of the most common types of cell phone damage is a cracked screen. On new phones, the screen is made from glass. And while this glass is durably built, it’s still susceptible to breakage – especially if the phone gets dropped on the ground. To prevent this from happening, always use a sturdy phone case and a screen protector. However, if the screen does get broken, here’s what you can do.

First, assess the level of damage. If there’s only a minor crack or two, it might be possible to repair it yourself at home. You’ll need a replacement screen and a cell phone repair kit. A good repair kit should come with screwdrivers in various sizes and a suction cup. Most also come with an array of other tools that might be handy. To help make the repair smoother, try looking for a phone screen repair tutorial online to follow along with.

However, if the screen is severely cracked, it might be best to take it to a professional. Lots of tiny glass fragments pose a safety risk and make it more difficult to repair on your own.

Water damage

New phones often come with built-in water protection. So if you accidentally drop it in water or spill something on it, it should be okay as long as you remove it from the water as soon as possible. To avoid long-term damage, however, you may need to dry it out. If you are confident with your DIY repair abilities, remove the SIM card and battery from the phone. A repair kit can help you do this. Then, use rice to dry out the internal and external components. Do not power the phone on, as this may cause circuit failure.

Broken ports

Is your headphone jack giving you trouble? Does it seem like your charging port isn’t working? These are both frustrating problems that may be repaired with an at-home cell phone repair kit and some replacement hardware. But if you’re not feeling confident, take the phone to a professional service station to prevent the risk of further damage.

Dealing with damage

Remember, some types of repairs are better left to the experts. If it doesn’t seem like something you want to attempt on your own, bring your damaged phone to a local service station. And sometimes, it might be wiser to replace your damaged device with a new one.

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