4 Smart Ways To Use Your Tax Refund At Walmart This Year

Make the most of your refund with smart shopping at Walmart.

You filed your taxes, waited patiently, and now your refund has finally arrived. But how can you make the most of your refund? There's no doubt that Walmart's great deals are a good place to start, but with so many choices it can be hard to narrow it down. Put your tax refund to good use with a few ideas from Walmart Family Mobile to make your purchases count.

Man with handful of bills

1. Upgrade your home

Your tax refund offers a great opportunity to invest in your home. Consider replacing appliances that have grown outdated – Walmart offers affordable prices on everything from refrigerators to washers and dryers, and your refund makes it easier to manage a major purchase. Looking to spend less? Refresh bedrooms with new bedding, or choose new family room furniture.

2. Invest in health

Use your tax refund on exercise equipment to create a home fitness center that eliminates costly memberships (and excuses for skipping a trip to the gym). You could also opt for new cookware and gadgets that make it easier to prepare healthy meals, or get fitness trackers that help everyone stay focused on health.

3. Switch to Walmart Family Mobile

Thanks to nonstop nationwide 4G LTE coverage, it's easy to stay connected.

Why not invest your refund in long-term wireless savings? If you've had enough of restrictive contracts and expensive fees, choose Walmart's best value in unlimited wireless, with plans starting at just $24.88. You'll find a wide variety of phones, so every family member can find a device they love. And thanks to nonstop nationwide 4G LTE coverage, powered by T-Mobile, it's easy to stay connected.

4. Have some fun

When was the last time you did something special for yourself and your family? If you've always wanted to share your love of the great outdoors, invest in gear for a family camping trip, or choose bikes to explore the neighborhood. You could even create a home theater for unforgettable movie nights or choose a game console to enjoy some competitive fun.

Everything you love about Walmart, now in mobile

You always do your best for your family, whether it's spending your tax refund wisely or choosing a wireless provider. When you're ready to leave contracts behind, move to Walmart Family Mobile, the brand that cares for you and your family's well-being. To experience the best deal in wireless, make the switch today.